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Our Priority Search Process

Management Review

A meeting is held to develop knowledge of the organization, its culture and the requirements and performance objectives of the position.

Position Profile
A detailed written specification is prepared and reviewed to demonstrate our understanding of the position.  This allows us to be on the same page as our client when taking the search to market.

Research & Candidate Identification
Utilizing best in class technology, coupled with our extensive network, a list of qualified prospects is developed.  We conduct our interviews and a short-list of qualified candidates is submitted to the client.  Realignment around the initiative is facilitated (if required) and interviews are scheduled between the client and selected candidates.

Reference Checking
We reach out to qualified individuals to comment in depth and in confidence about the candidate

Offer and Closure
We work with the client on structuring the compensation package and facilitate the resolution of any related or residual issues

We remain in active contact with the client and successful new hire and will provide assistance throughout assimilation as necessary

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