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How to Hone Your Image and Up Your Hireability 

Whether you’re currently job seeking or just tuned in to the possibilities, it’s a good idea to occasionally turn the lens around. Yes, you’re vetting potential employers for cultural, personal, and career fit. But they're also vetting you. The choices you make now could influence your hireability down the road.


Here are three tips for polishing your appeal to potential employers.


Section 1 - How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.


Unless you’re interviewing to be a rocket scientist, making a good impression is not rocket science. On the other hand, in a situation where nerves can frazzle your ability to behave normally, it's good to have a basic checklist to work from:


1. Role play with a friend for practice.

2. Lay out what you're going to wear the night before.

3. Get there 15 minutes early.

4. Re-read the job description just before you walk in.

5. Have a list of references at the ready.


The more you know, do and practice in advance, the more you can relax and shine in the interview.

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Section 2 - Being Creative Is Overrated... least when it comes to resumes. Hiring managers see a lot of resumes, and at first glance, they just want to know which ones match up with the job at hand. If you try too hard to make your resume sound unique and different, it might not contain the right keywords.


This becomes even more important with automated applicant tracking systems or even junior recruiters in the mix. Both tend to weed out resumes that don't seem relevant, so creative wording will do you no favors here. If the job listing requires that you have experience as a librarian, make sure the word "librarian" appears in your resume as often as possible.


It may seem pandering to customize your resume to closely match a job description, but you're actually doing the reader a favor. If you're right for this job, make that obvious to everyone — human or machine — right off the bat.


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Section 3 - Looking for a Job? Clean Up Your Social Media ASAP!


Stories abound of job candidates being sabotaged by their own social habits. There was the time a candidate cancelled an interview at the last minute, saying her mom had died — then posted a picture of herself out to dinner with her mom the next day.


Then there was the time a potential candidate was found wearing a swastika in his Facebook profile pic. Just... no.


Even if your profile is private, the general public can still see basics, like your profile picture and possibly your bio. And you just never know who among your friends might share something about you with someone else.


If you live in the professional world, always keep your social media activity and profiles squeaky clean.


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Being hireable is on you, but getting you hired is on us.


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