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A Few Pointers For Busy Leaders

One technique the best CEOs all use


CEOs don't know everything. In fact, being continuously open to learning is one of the most important qualities a CEO can have. Founder of Superhuman Academy and author of The Only Skill That Matters Jonathan Levi says CEOs should, in fact, "Stop thinking of yourself as the CEO! You're the CLO: The Chief Learning Officer. "


Learning is part of nearly every decision a CEO makes. So it stands to reason that CEOs should practice their learning skills whenever possible. That doesn't mean they need to memorize every single facet and factor or each new situation. Levi advises, "As a CEO, you should only be concerned with learning enough to make an informed decision. Don't get bogged down in nitty-gritty details."


Read the full Inc. article here - "The Best CEOs Have Mastered the Art of Learning. Here's One Technique They All Use".


Gig worker bill, AB-5, passes California State Senate


It's a gig economy. We're just living in it.


But now that Assembly Bill 5, aka "the gig worker bill," has passed in California, that world is going to change a bit. Companies that hire gig workers now have to abide by the normal employment standards for things like minimum wage, paid sick days and health insurance benefits.


AB5 targets companies hiring all sorts of types of freelancers - of which there are about 1.5 million in California alone. If your company isn't based in California, you might not care too much right now. But take heed - as Vox says, "It's particularly significant because of California's position as one of the world's largest economies and its outsized influence in national politics."


Read the full article on TechCrunch.


Powerful deal closers for that perfect candidate


As a recruiter, we can scout the talent, do the diligence and make the connections. But like the proverbial horse to water, we can't always make that candidate drink. However, if you really want to make a hire, we can offer some best-practice advice for closing the deal.


First of all, make your offer right away - within 1-2 days of their final interview, if at all possible. Second, listen closely when they describe their dream job. The more you can align your offer with their explicit goals, the more enticing it will sound. And finally, get personal. Nothing convinces an on-the-fence candidate like a gushing phone call from you or, even better, your CEO.


If these ideas make sense to you, we are always available for more coaching on the best way to reel in that, um, horse. Contact us today!


We are also available for conversations about candidates, hiring strategy or any other hiring-related thoughts or questions you have. Even if you just want to bounce ideas off someone, we are that someone. 

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